New website, upcoming events

Posted on August 31, 2011 by Byron Tasseff

Hello and welcome to the new website of the UNI Physics Club! Indeed, the new design is quite refreshing when compared to the old, 1994-esque layout. Over the next few weeks, new links and menu items (such as a photo gallery) may become available on this site; the inclusion of our club constitution and meeting minutes are extra possibilities.

As we begin a new semester at UNI, most of us keep our eyes peeled for the few breaks we will receive throughout the year. This fall, the annual Physics Picnic will be held near the beginning of September in Seerley Field. Aside from this, the physics club will also be traveling to Argonne National Laboratories for its annual undergraduate research symposium. Important dates to keep in mind concerning both events will be displayed under the "Calendar" tab.

If anyone is interested in joining the club and/or being added to the club's email list, please contact either Brad Friend or Byron Tasseff via email. All UNI students interested in physics and science are welcome to join!

For now, let us bask in our website's newfound beauty. Be sure to check out the "Wise Words" located on the side of the page. Each time the page is loaded, a random new quote will appear. Have fun!